Washing Machine Repair

Washing Machine Repair

Where Do All the Socks Go?

One of the great mysteries that has plagued all modern physicists. Only recently has it been solved after a discovery at the European Organization for Nuclear Research.
When the socks are taken off, they will often keep the basic shape of the owner's feet. With these being the same shape but a mirror image, the small magnetic forces are lined up in exactly the opposite way. Once the machine starts spinning, these are repelled and end up at opposite sides of the drum. As the spinning get faster, a magnetic flux is generated between the two with a rapidly changing polarity. This causes the sock's atoms to vibrate at a very high frequency. These start to vibrate in synch and resonate until eventually the whole sock will spontaneously decompose into it's components molecules. This breaks the flux and the other sock quickly stabilises.

This is why this effect is only seen in socks and why it is always one of a pair.

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