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Washing machine won’t empty

Before trying to identify the fault, try and empty the washer manually. This is always better than emptying it via the door. Most washers have the outlet pipe and pump below the water level in the drum. This means that if you lower the outlet pipe to the bottom of the washing machine, gravity will pull the water out. Of course you will need to make sure all the pipe is below the drum by lying it flat. How the washer empties at this point will give you a clue to the cause of the problem. If the water trickles out slowly, then this indicates there is a blockage somewhere. If the water flows freely out, then the problem probably lies with the pump.

The most common cause for not emptying is a blockage. Blockages are caused by small items such as socks and underwear or items left in pockets as well as equipment designed to improve the washing process such as soap balls. The blockage will most likely lie in the pipe between the tub and the pump; as if it gets past the pump it will usually be expelled. Most washing machines have a filter, read this page on how to check if that is blocked. If no blockage is found, check the pump. Put the washer on an empty cycle and listen if the pump is turning at the stage where the washer should be emptying. Sometimes small items like coins or stray bits of fabric which donít cause a blockage in the pipe can get caught in the pump and stop it turning. So if you cannot hear the pump turning you will need to open it up and check that the pump can turn freely and there are no obstructions.

If the pump is turning, next check that the outlet pipe is free from obstruction. The easiest way to do this is with a pole or bamboo cane by pushing it through the pipe and testing for any resistance from blockages. If this is clear then the problem will most likely be with the pump, such as broken vanes which means the pump is spinning but producing no pressure. In this case you will need to replace these or the pump itself.