Dead Washing Machine

Washing Machine Repair

Washing Machine is Totally Dead

The first thing to check is that power is getting to the wall socket and a circuit breaker or fuse has not blown. This is easily checked by plugging another appliance in the socket.

Next check the fuse on the plug. If you have a electrician's meter, you can check the resistance across the fuse. If this is more or less zero, the fuse is good. If this is a very high reading the fuse has blown. If you do not have a meter, you can swap the fuse in another appliance, then plug that in and see if it still works.

The next thing to check for is a faulty on/off switch. The best way to do this is first make sure the WASHER IS NOT PLUGGED IN, then remove the connecting wires from the back of the switch. Use the electrician's meter to test the resistance across the contacts when the switch is on. Again this should read a very low value.