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About This Site

This site aims to give help to the amateur DIYer with machine machine repairs. It attempts to cover most of the general faults that can be solved by someone with reasonable DIY mechanical and electrical competence. It does not try and tell you how to reverse engineer the circuit board or turbo charge the motor.

Can I Fix my Washing Machine?

I've got two left feet for hands, and can't work out how to open a can of soup. Will I be able to fix my washing machine? Maybe.
Washing machines, like most things these days, are computer controlled and contain a lot of electonics, which are not easily repaired. With the relatively low price of white goods these days, for some faults it is cheaper to buy new than to try and repair.
However, a lot of common faults are mechanical - leaks, pumps and blockages. Most of these require nothing more than a screwdriver and a steady hand. My advice would be to only attempt a repair if you feel comfortable doing so. If you are out of your depth, you could make the problem a lot worse.

Before You Start

Your safety should always be your primary concern. Please read the safety tips here before starting any work.


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